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Below are the different ways we use them.

The ministry of Camp Cotubic is just that, a Christian Ministry. Contrary to todays philosophy and modern world value system that would lead us to believe that money is the answer to every need, we believe our number one need at the camp is for people to be praying for the blessings of God as we seek to impact young lives with the gospel of Christ. We would like to know that have committed to pray regularly for the staff, program, outreach, development and youth that enter our gates. In order for you to be specific in your prayers, we would like to be able to periodically send you specific needs and concerns via our e-newsletter. Please visit that link and register your email indicating you would like to be a prayer partner with the rest of the large camp family.

Operational Capital
Less visible, behind the scenes, but oh so important, Camp Cotubic has an ongoing and very important need for support to the operational fund. The faithful gifts from our friends allow us to keep the camper fees at a level where all young people can attend camp. It would make it very difficult for the kids to attend camp if we had to charge them what it actually cost to operate the facility and program. Every year we seek to raise at least 25% of our $500,000.00 operations budget through contributions.

Capital Fund Projects
We are always striving to make your camp facility better. Every year we seek to undertake new projects that will insure the longevity of your camp.

In-Kind Gifts
Camp enabling items such as vehicles (for which we are always in need), and other gifts such as boats, bottled water, tools, etc. are very much appreciated and play an important role in how we maintain a lower cost structure in the operation of Camp Cotubic.

Children's Fund Endowment
In an effort to further focus the collective good our donors can accomplish, Camp Cotubic is introducing an opportunity to invest in the future through the Camp Cotubic Children's Fund. We have identified a variety of areas where a specific ongoing need or the prospect of future development warrants an endowed fund to ensure the long-term health and growth of our mission. This fund will make it possible for donors to create a legacy that will benefit thousands of children for years to come, even after the donor's lifetime.

Gifts of stock may be made to Camp Cotubic by contacting us at (937) 468-2519. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the benefits of donating appreciated stocks. All gifts of stock are handled through The National City Bank of Columbus.

Staff Support
Every summer we recruit top notch college students as the front-line deliverers of the Camp Cotubic experience to our campers. Bottom line, if we were to pay them the "market value" for their value to us we couldn't afford to run camp. Support from you on their behalf enables us to better reward them for their sacrifice. We love to be able to pass along scholarship or gift support to them that are often considered Matching Gift money by their universities. This is a very valuable way to insure that we continue to be able to provide the highest quality staff possible.

The method you desire to use to make your financial gifts is your decision. You can send a check to the camp or utilize our online payment process which is a secure site. However you chose to support the camp, please know your love and dedication to the ministry for thousands a youth each year is extremely appreciated.


Privacy Policy: Camp Cotubic honors the strictest code of online ethics and privacy. Your information will be closely held in confidence. We will NOT release or distribute your name, phone number or email address to outsiders, advertisers or any third party entity.


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