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Will my child be safe at Camp Cotubic?

Camp Cotubic is a controlled environment. We seek to insure that our campers have the staffs undivided attention. Guests entering the grounds are closely monitored. Our staff members are carefully screened utilizing personal, legal, and professional research methods. They are chosen on the strength of their Christian faith, personality, and integrity. Each staff member that interacts with the campers goes through an extensive training program and is certified in several areas of the operation by professional organizations. Although your child will be stretched in terms of their faith and activities, they will not be asked to take any unreasonable risks.

Who will supervise my child?

During Cotubic sponsored summer camps, our trained college summer staff along with other fulltime camp employees will work hard to make sure your child is never alone. For guest sponsored events at Camp Cotubic, your groups leaders are responsible for total supervision of your child.

How do you handle medical needs?

All of our summer staff is certified in first aid and CPR. In addition, a highly qualified nurse is on hand during summer camp events to handle medications and treatment of minor bumps and scrapes. In the event that an illness or accident does occur, the camp is serviced by the Mary Rutan Hospital (ER phone: 937-599-7018) in Bellefontaine and the physicians of the Oakhill Medical Center. Each summer camper at Cotubic sponsored camps goes through a pre-registration evaluation by the camp nurse. At this time parents can give specific instructions regarding special needs or medications for their child. In the event that the nurse feels the camper needs to be seen by a physician, the parents are contacted immediately. This is the reason we ask for emergency phone numbers where you can be reached at all times.

What is the food like?

Our meals are served cafeteria style. We offer a variety of food so that even the pickiest eater is pleased. Meals are all well balanced. A few options are offered in case there is an item that does not meet with the campers likes. If your child has specific food allergies or diet restrictions contact us two weeks prior to their camp so specific arrangements can be made. Our kitchen, dining area, and staff are constantly monitored, inspected, and licensed by the Logan County Department of Health (937-592-9040).


The parents medical insurance is the primary coverage for their children. Therefore, we ask that you provide the appropriate information on the registration form. If your child is attending Cotubic with a guest group please make inquires regarding your groups blanket coverage to your group leaders.

Snack Shack/Store:

The camp snack shack will be available during limited hours for the campers during Cotubic sponsored summer camps. The camp staff tries to limit the snack consumption and spending habits of the campers.

What should I bring to camp?

Bible, notebook, pen, everyday clothes, pillow and pillow case, blankets or sleeping bag, single bed sheets, personal toiletries, towels and washcloths, jacket and raincoat, swim wear (modest and one piece), extra shoes, suntan lotion, insect repellent, pre-addressed stamped envelopes for mailing letters home. Please send comfortable tennis shoes with your child. Sandals are our biggest source of minor injuries.
Please be sure your name is on everything you bring to camp.


What should I leave at home?

Cell phones, radios, all electronic devises, expensive jewelry, fireworks, firearms, knives, tobacco of any kind, alcohol or drugs, skateboards, bikes.


Camp Cotubic is a non-profit ministry, supported throughout the year by the personal gifts from our friends. No one shall be denied admission or benefits of the U.S. Department of Agriculture because of race, color, national origin, sex, handicap or age.


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