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Important 2021 Camp information regarding COVID-19 - Click here

Thank You

Thank you, your registration was received and your spot is reserved

Thank you for registering for camp! Here is some additional information to help you prepare.

Please read the following important information.

** If you plan to have your church to pay for a portion of your camp fee, you must fill out the Church Voucher Form. You must bring the completed form with your son or daughter when camp begins.

Check in will be in the gym/office building from 3:00-5:00pm.  Pick up will be in the dining hall at 12:30. If someone other than your parent is picking you up, please have that information available for us during registration.  If you are bringing medications please include clear written instructions for the camp nurse and staff.  All meds will be kept and distributed by the nurse. 

If you have any questions about your week at camp, either call or send an e-mail (e-mails work best this time of the year).  We are really happy that you are coming.  Get ready for the best weekend of your fall! 


  1. Medical Info: If you have not already submitted a medical form, please print one from the Camp Cotubic website: Medical/Emergency Form. Please provide us with accurate emergency phone numbers. Also, please be sure to give us an alternative person to contact in case you are not available.  Be sure to include any food allergies.
  2. Registration and pick up timesCheck in is 3:00-5:00. Also, we know you’re excited but PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY!  Campers from the previous group might still be here, and we’re busy getting ready for your great weekend of camp.  Pick Up is at 12:30.  If someone other than a family member is picking you up please provide us with a signed release permission note for your file.
  3. Cell Phones & Electronics: Do not bring cell phones or other electronics. We realize that almost every camper will own a cell phone.  However, due to the potential liability involved with inappropriate picture taking and the good potential of the phones getting lost or damaged, we ask that parents help us with this issue. Campers will be so busy with activities that they will not have time for electronics. Parents: please do not send a cell phone with your camper so you can call them. Allow them to experience their week of camp and not be tempted to get home sick. Camp Cotubic will not be responsible for lost or damaged electronic devices.
  4. Packing List: Click here to download your packing checklist
  5. Questions?  Feel free to email us: